Happy National Cupcake Day!

Yes, it's true - today, December 15th, is National Cupcake Day here in the United States. (but feel free to celebrate wherever you are!)

How are you celebrating? I don't know yet how I will get my cupcake fix, but I will make sure I do.

photo by Cakespy on Flickr; gingerbread cupcake from Sweet Things in Tacoma, Washington


Hirwai said…
Happy National Cupcake Day To You Too!!!

This is too gud. All these delicious cupcakes are too tempting and are taking a serious toll on my resolution to stay away clear from anything that is SWEET.

But for this kind of a treat i am ready to break any number of resolutions.
Stephy said…
yay! happy national cupcake day!

i have my last day of final exams today. and i talk about cupcakes all the time in most of my classes. and the girls in my ASL class have been bugging me to make cupcakes.

so i figured since today was our last part of our final AND national cupcake day, i'd appease both.

i haven't quite decided what kind i'm going to make, but as soon as i finish my first exam within the next hour or so, i'm going to get baking!
Billie said…
Bourbon Eggnog cupcakes is my choice for the day...As well as our customers! We're calling these "momma's little helpers" this week for all those overworked, pre-holiday moms who still manage to do it all - be a mom, keep a job, prep for Christmas, you know!!!
Just baked two dozen of them half white cake and half chocolate. But the best frosting is chocolate so they're all frosted with chocolate icing. I did it for National Cupcake day and for my daughter, who though grown, adores cupcakes!

So glad I found this blog.:) Please visit mine, since I'm going to link my readers to this:


Happy Belated National Cupckae Day!!
Spork said…
Yay! It also happens to be my half birthday. :) I'm hoping to bake some carrot cake cupcakes over the winter break, while my brother's home from college.