4th Annual Central Park Cupcake Picnic


Our 4th annual cupcake picnic in Central Park was this past Saturday. We lucked out with sunny weather, vast open lawn space, and adorable little kids with their families sneaking curious peeks at our picnic spread. Here's a quick rundown of the cupcakes represented at the picnic:

Nora of Nibbles by Nora may be known for her cupcake kebabs, but surprised us with a new cupcake creation this time. Alternate layers of bi-sected red wine cupcakes and citrus cupcakes were held together with strawberry and orange marmalade buttercream frostings, all topped with a slice of candied orange, triple sec, and a strawberry rose. Talk about the right way to start off an (adult) picnic!

 Homemade Candy Bar Cupcakes, with melted pieces of candy bars at the bottom. The kids, and all our inner kids, at the picnic loved these.

Cupcakes by Joy generously brought four dozen cupcakes at the beginning of the picnic. All of the Lemon Cupcakes with Blueberry filling and Vanilla Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Cream filling and Chocolate & PB frosting were gone by the end of the picnic.

Assorted cupcakes from Cupcake Cafe. The decorative flowers were so appropriate for a cupcake picnic in the park.

Attendees also bought cupcakes from Sweet Revenge, Buttercup Bake Shop, Butter Lane, Zabar's, and more. Home bakers came up with creative flavors such as apple pie, oreo, candy bar, and even cheesecake cupcakes! A few cupcakes didn't stand up to the weather well, as we've mentioned in previous posts. But thankfully, hungry stomachs got to them before the heat did.

One picnicker was smart enough to anticipate our need for liquids to help refresh our appetites for cupcakes. Some ice-cold bottles of water and soda in a convenient cooler was just what we needed. Other interesting beverage options were chocolate wine and jam shiraz. An uncommon choice, but it worked since we already had boozy cupcakes.


By the end of the picnic, we had each consumed enough cupcakes to tide us over for the day, or week. We put the leftover cupcakes onto trays and passed them out to park-goers. Sharing the joy is what this is all about, after all.


Here's to next year's picnic! You can view all the photos from our picnic here. Sign up for our Meetup group to be kept in the loop about our upcoming picnics and other cupcake events.


Cupcake Activist said…
What a fun event! I would love to attend someday.