Cupcake jello shots with cake vodka and whipped cream and sprinkles on top!

This one's for the adults, but these cupcake shots look as adorable as any real cupcake. They're from the blog Sweet Tooth (go there for the recipe, which involves cream soda, cranberry juice cocktail and heavy cream, among other items), and were for a friend's birthday. She made them purple because that's the birthday girl's favorite color! Via Bit Rebels. We last featured Erica and Sweet Tooth with her teeth cupcakes. These were made using cake-flavored vodka from Pinnacle Vodka, but you could also use Cupcake Vodka for even more cupcake goodness. Maybe we can serve them on our cruise to Bermuda this summer, or at the very least, at a party. They just look so cute.

Erica's official description: "These adorable concoctions are jello shot 'cupcakes' with bases made out of cake-flavored vodka, cream soda, gelatin, and cranberry juice topped with fresh whipped cream and pretty sprinkles."