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American Candy Australia

American Candy Stand, in Australia

We recently received the above photo along with the info below:

To the cupcake gang,

Hi my name is Debbie and I run a small business from home at the Rundle Street Markets in Adelaide , Australia . Small business that has just taken off beyond my belief, I now sell 380 cupcakes, over 100 slices of chocolate fudge and 50 peanut butter cups (all home baked from scratch) at the market on a Sunday. It’s a beautiful market to be at and we get very busy, I have my die hard cupcake fans coming back week after week.

As I said we also sell fudge but the cupcakes have taken over the stall as I think they may take over the world of cakes. Suits me I just adore these special little cups of surprise they make one feel very special.

The stall name is the ‘American Candy Stand’ which started last year when we were due to do a big Christmas Fair and found out at the last minute that there were four other fudge stalls booked at the fair. I needed to come up with something special, something different that would draw a crowd to my stall. I was on the internet looking up interesting recipes when I discovered some of the most delicious recipes came from American style flavours like, peanut butter and Oreo. We sold 10 flavours of fudge, (Peanut Butter, Oreo, Caramel, Coffee and Rocky Road ), peanut butter cups, Oodles Kadoodles, Snicker Doodles and Cake / cookies in a jar (these made great gifts). The fair was and absolute success and things progressed from there.
I do have people from the states sometimes come up to the stall and ask “what makes it American”? What people from the states might not understand is that we Aussie’s from the land down under don’t regularly indulge in peanut butter and chocolate together nor do we have the great Oreo cookie as our standard biscuit (cookie) so these delicious treats are of a great interest and something very different for our taste buds.

February this year sticking to the candies and flavours I was researching into on the net I discovered the craze that had hit the states with people queuing up to an hour just to get a cupcake: I was onto something new and exciting. I had always enjoyed baking ever since I was a little girl helping my grandmother bake goodies for shops in Adelaide .
The first week I made 4 dozen and sold out within 3 hours and I have progressed from there, currently I sell on average of 380 cupcakes and I have people from all over the world visiting my stall, buying cupcakes and taking photos to remember their visit.
Flavours include: Peanut butter brownie fudge (my signature cupcake) a brownie cake with a layer of crunchy peanut butter a layer of chocolate ganache topped with a ¼ peanut butter cup, Oreo cookies and cream, Cookie dough, Vanilla and strawberry, White eyed Susan, Double chocolate fudge, White mud cake with raspberries & white chocolate cream cheese frosting, Red velvet with cream cheese frosting, Lemon meringue, Banana caramel, Purple passion with blueberries & lavender butter cream frosting, Chocolate Bavarian custard, Choc mint, Choc orange, Coffee walnut and Caramel snickers, just a few of the total 25 flavours available.

I have forward some photos for you to enjoy and I will keep in contact with more updates.
By the way I love your web site and visit it everyday.

Debbie Evangelatos

Green and pink cupcake prettiness


orange yoghurt cupcake, vanilla cream frosting, from Flickr user o'holysweet! - click through for more pretty cupcakes

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Daisy cupcakes

From abbietabbie on Flickr. Fondant iced with fondant trim.

Daisy, daisy ...

Cupcake jewelry on Amazon

Thanks to this article in Pepperdine University's The Graphic, I found out that Amazon sells cupcake charms, of varying prices (the top one is going for $189!). Here's a few - search cupcake in their jewelry and watches section for more. Click through on images for more info.

Do Good! Have a Cupcake!

Photo by J.Bauer

Not only do cupcakes bring smiles, they also fight cancer. :) The Fourth Annual Cupcakes For A Cause is October 15 through October 21. This is a fun week-long event in which participating bakeries and stores across the US will sell specially decorated cupcakes and donate a portion of the proceeds from their sale to benefit CancerCare for Kids.

This year, Crumbs Bakeshop will be the “spokesbakery”. Check to see if bakeries in your city are participating or you can sponsor your own bake sale to help raise funds for the program.

Monday, August 27, 2007

"I don't do cupcakes" t-shirt

" Slogan T-shirt finds a new generation of enthusiasts among mothers," The Journal News

Beth Feldman, a 37-year-old New Rochelle mom and public relations executive, sells a T-shirt with the message "I don't do cupcakes" on her Role Mommy Web site.

The idea came from the real-life experience of being snubbed at a school bake sale for bringing Dunkin' Donuts, a story she tells in her book, "Peeing in Peace: Tales and Tips for Type A Moms."

"Women who can relate to what we're all going through are going to laugh when they see the shirts," Feldman said. "You don't want to take yourself too seriously."

Young moms also want to look cute, and hot if possible. The "cupcakes" shirt might have a feminist message, but it also has pink glitter and rhinestones.

"There are a lot of women who have left the work force who are full-time moms, and you still want to be a hip mom," Feldman said.

Hearts and flowers

From Flickr user Busy Baking (as are the ones below)

My First Attempt

Pink flowers, chocolate cupcakes

Left Overs

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Weekend chances to win Ian Jackman's Eat This

Sorry about the delay...had meant to post this earlier so now you have TWO chances to win a copy of this book this weekend. You have until Monday, August 27th at noon to comment here (and if you aren't signed in, make sure your name or email address are here so we can contact you if you win).

What's the best cupcake flavor you've ever had? (Frosting and/or cake)

Mine's peppermint frosting on vanilla cake, followed closely by marshmallow frosting on chocolate cake.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Heart Johnny Cupcakes

Cupcake entrepreneur Johnny Cupcakes doesn't offer up actual cupcakes, alas, but items to wear while you consume them. Check out this shop for all sorts of cool t-shirt and other designs (constantly changing, all limited edition). He was recently on MTV News and was profiled on

Chicago's Lovely Bake Shop

Our reader Laurel in Chicago just sent us this note, and in Gawker Stalker style, we're going to post it in full. We tend to link to and hype bakeries that exclusively sell cupcakes or focus on them, but there are also plenty of full-service bakeries offering up extremely yummy cupcakes. If you have tips like this, do let us know at cupcakestakethecake at - and if you're Lovely Bake Shop, send us some photos of your cupcakes!

As a cupcake connoisseur, I feel that I may have found the best cupcake in Chicago! (actually, I have found a couple of great ones!) So I thought that you girls should know about them, should you ever decide to come to the vast and beautiful Midwest. Whenever I go anywhere and they have a cupcake, whether it be coffee shop or gourmet bakery, I get it. This has lead to some supreme disappointment and a couple of epic experiences. Just recently I discovered what is the best cupcake in Chicago at Lovely - a Bake Shop Their chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting is TO. DIE. FOR. They also have vanilla and carrot cake cupcakes regularly which are both quite nice and if you are lucky enough to be there on the day that they have a chocolate and marshmallow cupcake, it is something not to be missed. Saying all that, however, the chocolate cupcake is literally probably the best cupcake I have ever eaten - and being a cupcake connoisseur, I have eaten quite a few! What makes it so great? Well for starters, this is no wimpy cake - it is dense and dark and moist and well.....unlike nearly any other that I have ever tried. It is extremely dark chocolate and not too sweet. It has a neat denseness and moistness that is usually not found in cupcakes which tend, for the most part, to end up dry and crumbly! I was talking to one of the gals that work at the shop and she mentioned that the cake itself is vegan - who knew that vegan could be this delicious? But of course, once you add the cloud of frosting which is resting on this heavenly cake, it ceases to be vegan. The frosting seems to be almost a mix of butter cream and whipped cream it is so light. It is a wonderful, not too sweet, not too heavy, just plain wonderful, real vanilla frosting (with actual vanilla visible!) which contrasts so well with the dense, dark, decadence of the cake. Really, I feel like I have to spread the word on this place - not only because I enjoy the lovely cupcake (for only 2.50 or so) but also because the girls that own the place and their staff are just about the sweetest, most laid-back, cool people ever! And they are not paying me to say that either. In fact, I only just went there for the first time three weeks ago and have quickly become a regular. I also keep buying the cupcakes for friends - they are like that good book that you think everyone should read so you buy it for everyone you know - these cupcakes are my "Franny and Zooey" (Salinger, of course!) classic, perfectly executed, no random filler, only the essential info/flavor, a standard which others must strive, and great every time you revisit them.

More Lovely-ness:



Time Out Chicago

Lovely Bake Shop on MySpace

Mouth-watering beautiful cupcakes by Kylie Lambert of Le Cupcake

Kylie Lambert consistently posts some of the most absolutely gorgeous cupcakes we've ever seen on Flickr. Do check her out there and at her for-hire site Le Cupcake (in Australia, alas for us in other parts of the world).

Chocolate Mud Mini-cakes

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Today's chance to win a copy of Ian Jackman's Eat This

Leave a comment by midnight EST to win your own copy of Ian Jackman's Eat This.

Inspired by the news tidbit below, our question for you is: How many cupcakes have you ever eaten at a time (in one morning, afternoon, or evening)? How many is too many when it comes to eating cupcakes? Do you have a horror story about eating too many cupcakes?

I'll share mine: I went to a Melcher Media book party for Clare Crespo's Hey There, Cupcake! (the book that inspired this blog). I thought they'd be serving dinner in addition to cupcakes, but alas, it really was all cupcakes, all the time. Cupcakes spread around inside, cupcakes dotting the patio in the back. They were yummy ones too, I believe vanilla/vanilla from Billy's Bakery. Anyway, I was ravenous and so had two at the party. Then it was time to leave and we were encouraged to take some extras. I was going to see my favorite band play later that night, so took some for them.

But cupcakes are hard to resist...especially the frosting. I found myself picking at the gift cupcakes, first a little fingerful of yummy frosting, then more. and more and more. I wasn't eating them whole, but slowly I realized I was making a mess of my remaining cupcakes. I think over the course of the night I ate almost five of them and let me state here, for the record, DO NOT EAT FIVE CUPCAKES IN ONE NIGHT. I felt bloated, gross, almost nauseous. It was not pretty, and I didn't even get to giv any to the band. Lesson learned. One is usually plenty, or sometimes two. I enjoy sharing, where someone gets one flavor and I get another and we taste or trade.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Kara's Cupcakes, which is on Scott Street in the Marina at Ghirardelli Square, received an order for 233 dozen cupcakes, which is four short of 2,800 and a whole lot of cupcakes. The sweet treats - flosslessly delivered - were an orthodontist's way of saying thanks for patient referrals to 233 dentists from Daly City to the Financial District.

Kahlúa and cream 21+ cupcake

Kahlua and Cream cupcake with chocolate covered espresso beans

How to Eat a Cupcake has the recipe and says:

t basically consisted of melted white chocolate, butter, and confectioners sugar, which just seemed way too sweet and rich to go along with a Kahlúa and Cream cupcake. I made a chocolate Kahlúa whipped cream. It compliments the Kahlúa and chocolate flavors in the cupcake perfectly (and actually adds the "cream" of "Kahlúa and Cream"). I decorated one similar to the coffee cupcake on the front of the book for photographing purposes only. The rest are adorned with chocolate K's and martini glasses.

On her blog, you can also vote for which cupcake she'll make next:

Jelly Doughnut Cupcakes

Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes

Cherry Cheesecake Cupcakes

(currently a tie between Cinnamon Toast and Cherry Cheesecake)

Don't mess with Texas cupcakes

cuppies 018

From Cupcake Laine, who says:

Texas Lonestar cupcakes! Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing and belgian chocolate stars on top! On their way to Laredo in the morning.

We don't have more info about her (though Cupcake Laine, please do write us at cupcakestakethecake at if you'd like to share more about your business), but she makes some fabulously inventive cupcakes for all you Texans out there looking for a very special dessert.

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Today's chance to win a copy of Ian Jackman's Eat This

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's chance to win a copy of Ian Jackman's Eat This. We'll be contacting the winner later today. Sorry for the late posting on this - we'll extend this until 9 am EST to enter. But you'll have 3 more chances this week too.

But you have another chance to win by commenting on this thread. Frosting vs. cake? Which is your favorite...or can't you choose? Discuss.

A clothed cupcake

From Flickr user abbietabbie

"When I am an old woman ..........

Gin Yummy cupcake

Gin Yummy

The winning name for this cupcake in Crumbs and Doilies' Name the Cupcake competition was Gin Yummy! You have until September 14th to enter this month's competition, though since the prize is a free delivered box of 24 mini cupcakes, only those in Central and SW London are eligible. Even if you're not in London, it's still fun to check out the past entries and winning names.

Strawberry cupcake closeup

Posted on Flickr by flyingsouth

Strawberry cupcake from the Crabapple Cupcake Bakery's stall at the Magnolia Square craft market.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop opens in Rutherford, New Jersey

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, which started off as a delivery only service in northern New Jersey, opened its doors on Saturday in Rutherford. Some of you may remember them as the people who brought us the subway cupcakes at our Central Park picnic. Here are some photos they posted of their brand new store:

And more info (love the phone number!):

153 Park Ave
Rutherford, NJ 07070
Phone: 201.935.BAKE

Our current hours are:
Mon: Closed
Tue-Thu: 8am-7pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-9pm
Sun: 8am-2pm

In addition to our regular menu, we always welcome a challenge. Whether it's individually packaged cookie favors for your next party or color-coordinated wedding cupcakes, we're open to any requests and will be more than happy to fill them to your specifications.

And pics of some of their cupcakes:

From a recent interview with Danielle:

What is your favorite type of dessert to work with (e.g., candy, cake, ice cream, tarts, etc.)?
I especially love making cupcakes. I try to put as much detail as I can into one little cupcake. Each one is like a little canvas, and for me it's much easier to chase down inspiration on a small canvas.

Do you have a specialty?
My specialties are cupcakes and cookies. Both are fun to design, and it's my mission to provide vegans of the world with the same beautifully decorated, delicious treats that nonvegans have enjoyed from boutique bakeries for years.

Click here for Danielle's recipe for strawberry mousse cupcakes at VegCooking.

Monday, August 20, 2007

We put the "Cupcake" in "Delicious Sandwich Social"

Saturday was the 3rd annual Delicious Sandwich Social. We had quite the crowd, which included over 50 people, 53 sandwiches, prizes, and lots of cupcakes, courtesy of some of YOU, sugar Sweet sunshine, and our very own Allison (also a personal trainer at Crossfit NYC), who doubled as the Sand Wich. Allison contributed delicious coconut cupcakes, made via a recipe (I think that's the right one, but check out all of Chockylit's cupcake recipes too) at Chockylit. I have never seen people grab for cupcakes so quickly. They were gone in about 2 minutes, and my oh my were they delicous. Here's two photos taken by our friend Martha Burzynski. Thanks to Jon Friedman for creating such a fun day. We're looking forward to next year's already!

Also, Nichelle just announced that the next NYC Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup will take place Saturday, September 15th at Baked in Brooklyn. Join us!

Fauxstess "Cream by Chance" cupcakes

Originally uploaded by Cupcake Laine
Chocolate cake with vanilla cream and a chocolate ganache dip from Cupcake Laine.

pretty in purple frosting

Originally uploaded by little grey

cupcake beauty by Zalita

This photo by Flickr poster Zalita (who I just found out is based in Durban, South Africa) could not be more beautiful:

She also has a cupcake blog and while she's not a professional, I totally think she could be. Her cupcakes are consistently some of the most gorgeous posted to our Cupcakes Take the Cake pool.Thanks, Zalita!

WIN a copy of Ian Jackman's Eat This

Every day this week Cupcakes Take the Cake is giving away a copy of Ian Jackman's new book Eat This! 1,001 Things to Eat Before You Diet. Of course cupcakes are a part of it, and here's what he has to say about our favorite dessert: How to win? Leave a comment here: What's your favorite bakery (in New York or otherwise)? Different questions every day, one winner a day, picked randomly from the comments. You can also buy the book from Amazon.


There are four birthdays in my family and a good few have been celebrated in recent years with a cake from the Cupcake Cafe. For years the cafe stood on 39th and Ninth Avenue in Manhattan until it moved across the street to larger premises. My wife loves good cupcakes. To her, they're little vehicles of happiness. The very word alone makes her smile because they're so closely associated with childhood, with her own and with our kids.' Other cupcake places in New York have their adherents. There's Billy's in Chelsea, and the Magnolia Café in the Village, which is now a stop on the Sex and the City coach tour. I find their frosting too sweet, but that's just me-they have thousands of devoted adherents.

Ann and Michael Warren opened the Cupcake Cafe in 1988 and although the neighborhood has changed greatly in the intervening years, there's still a little bit of the devil in Hell's Kitchen back behind the ugly bulk of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. You have to invest some time in your cake because you must call ahead and then show up at the bakery and pick it up (no delivery), but no subway ride home is more pleasurable than one when you've found a seat and you're clutching a Cupcake Cafe box to your knees.

I was in the area with my friend Dan and I said I needed to stop in to pick up some cupcakes for research purposes. You go ahead, Dan said, determinedly. I had a cup of coffee and a big, messy jelly donut that left powdered sugar all over my face before I checked out the cupcakes. You don't need a fancy showcase for the little works of art they turn out at the Cupcake Cafe. Dan's resolve had crumbled instantly and he was choosing between the cakes decorated with irises and those with roses. They weren't for him, he assured me.

The large cupcakes I picked up at the Cupcake Cafe were $3.25 each. They're a couple of inches across and I guess you could say they'd serve two, but it requires an extraordinary feat of self-abnegation to eat just half of one. Before you eat the cake, look closely for a second at the floral arrangements that make up the decoration. There is an effect of shading and gradation of color on the frosting that give life to the petals and leaves. You feel bad, for a second, cutting into what looks like a tableau vivant, and then you bite into it. The butter cream icing is impossibly luxurious and the cake dense and substantial. If you look in the Cafe's recipe book, you'll see that frosting a ten-person cake takes, among other things, two-and-a-half pounds of butter, and that one of the ingredients of the cake is buttermilk. But no mind-this is a special occasion, right?

The larger cakes come in many combinations of cake, filling, and frosting. A nine-inch cake, which serves twelve to twenty, starts at fifty-five dollars. The Cupcake staff tells you how to care for your cake-don't carry the box by the string for starters. The advice includes taking the cake out of the fridge an hour before you want to eat it. But the way I like to eat the cake after the party is to slice it right out of the fridge. When it's been chilled overnight you can cut the cake in almost translucent slices about half an inch thick. Rationed like this, you can make it last perhaps one day more.

Red Velvet cupcakes

Red Velvet cupcakes
Originally uploaded by ilovecupcakes
From ilovecupcakes...up close and personal.