BabyCakes NYC coming to LA, new cupcake boxes

photo by Flickr user jslander, who has a whole ultra-mouth-watering Flickr set of LA cupcakes and thinks another LA cupcake bakery is "totally unnecessary:"

Do the owners of Babycakes (in NYC) really not know the over-saturated market they are jumping into?

Maybe some of our LA friends like Tara, who runs the Los Angeles Cupcake Meetup Group, can share their thoughts on this.

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The latest newsletter from gluten-free bakery BabyCakes NYC tells us:

The rumor mills have been churning ever since BabyCakes NYC’s sign was removed from the building on Spaulding and Beverly. Some believed we were scared off by Los Angeles’ red tape. Others thought we just didn’t feel like opening up anymore. Both were wrong. BabyCakes NYC is still moving to West Hollywood, but, now, we won’t be doing it alone. The bakery, slated to open June of 2008 at 7501 Beverly Boulevard on the corner of Garner, will share the renovated "Tire Town" space with denim designer, Earnest Sewn.

They've also got these new boxes available, which they call "cupcake insurance" - so cute!

We are pleased to present our new, cupcake insurance boxes. Inserts hold your cupcakes in place and keep them safe en route to your party, restaurant, house or wherever.

Also, they'll be closed on Monday, February 18th and Monday, February 25th.

See our cupcake interview with BabyCakes NYC owner Erin McKenna (sorry those photos no longer work)


Alexis said…
I live in LA, and while the regular ol' flour and sugar cupcake market is indeed saturated here, I am counting down the days until BabyCakes arrives. Even though I love cupcakes, I am pretty health-conscious, as are many folks around here. If the agave-sweetened frosting is as good they say it is, it will be great to have our cupcakes and our health too : )
Tara said…
It is a crowded market place, but I look forward to trying a new cupcakery with my LA Cupcakes Group! I'll report back soon
Jenny said…
The market is indeed saturated here in LA, but I can't think of another bakery in town catering to those with food allergies and health concerns, so I say WELCOME, Babycakes!