Our visit to The Frank DeCaro Show

Yesterday, we went to the Sirius Satellite Radio studios to go on The Frank DeCaro Show. Here are some photos from our visit; view them all in Rachel's Flickr set. (and those on Flickr, add rkbcupcakes, my new all-cupcake-related Flickr account.

In our cupcake t-shirts (Rachel's and Allison's from Newark, Delaware's Sweet-N-Sassy Cupcakes and Nichelle's from Rocklin, California's Icing on the Cupcake)

Cupcakes Take Sirius: Rachel, Nichelle, Allison

We brought cupcakes from our favorite bakery, sugar Sweet sunshine

sugar Sweet sunshine cupcakes at The Frank DeCaro Show

Frank liked his - a lot!

Frank DeCaro eats his cupcake

We each enjoy our cupcakes too:

Nichelle enjoys a cupcake



Red velvet yumminess:


We left the remaining cupcakes at Sirius, and, after a hard sell, convinced the very nice guy (whose name I can't remember, but whose mom bakes cupcakes!) doing tech to have one:


Thank you to Frank DeCaro and his co-host Doria Biddle for having us on!


TaraMetBlog said…
congrats on the radio appearance
The Black Dog said…
The nice tech guy is named Greg, AKA Greg the Cupcake if you're on Derek and Romaine.