Delicious cupcakes from Sharlene's Babycakes

These photos are from my San Francisco trip, and are all by Marlo Gayle (Flickr user black_pearl_10). I had an event and got cupcakes from my friend Sharlene Rednour (see our interview with her here) of Sharlene's Babycakes, which does custom Bay Area cupcakes. Now, I had just come from gorging on cupcakes with Rhonda of Obsessed With Cupcakes, so didn't sample them all, but the sunken in ones are lemon cupcakes that taste like a lemon tart, all mushy and soft and sweet but tangy, with powdered sugar on top. So good! The others were Diva Pink Velvet cupcakes that sure looked good. Thank you, Sharlene, for the wonderful cupcakes!


de_kerinchi said…
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satxxkenn said…
mmmm mmmmm looks delicious. The cupcakes too.