Blogger review: Key lime cupcake at Vanilla Moon Bakery

No sooner did we report on the opening of Vanilla Moon Bakery in San Carlos, California, than a blogger has reviewed their cupcakes and informed the world that they open at 7:30 am every other day, and that cupcakes make good breakfast food!

Blogger The Stressica writes:

There was no decision to be made today.
The key lime cupcake won handily.

"Christie? What is this lime stuff oozing deliciously out of my cupcake?"
"Key lime SAUCE," she answered with a knowing smile.
"Jamie, I *have* to get a good shot of this SAUCE," I said.

People? This is how to eat a cupcake for breakfast.

The Review:

I had never even heard of a key lime cupcake but those of you who know me well know I heart key lime whatever. Plus it was the answer to No. 8. I ate this cupcake in reverse of my normal order, I ate the cake first. In the cake there is a hint of lime flavor, it is subtle but I was on high alert so I noticed it straight away.

Then, then, I hit the pocket of limey goodness that is pictured above. The key lime SAUCE (this is official terminology btw). This was the heart of the cupcake and the heart of my love for this cupcake. It was tart, cool and creamy. It was the highlight of my morning. It was the sun in my shine.

Finally I tried the meringue frosting. I was not even wanting any of it, I was so satiated by the key lime SAUCE. I must say this frosting was the very definition of airy. Fluffy! Light! Weightless! A little too sweet for me but I suspect that is because I ate this in reverse order.