Dunkin' Donuts declares doughnuts "the new cupcakes"

Ugh, here we go again - how stupid! Maybe Dunkin' Donuts should branch out and sell cupcakes, or at least, donut cupcakes?

A privately held company, Dunkin’ Brands Inc. won’t say how many dollars they’re spending on new advertising, but company officials have a new theme: “Doughnuts are the new cupcakes.”

The anti-carb diet craze seems to have evaporated, and “during tough times, people want to have little indulgences,” sad Cynthia Ashworth, vice president of consumer engagement at Dunkin’. She’s noticed consumer data showing an uptick in sales of simple pleasures like lipstick and candy.


Greta said…
I'm going to be honest here-- I've had way better donuts than at Dunkin's. There are about eight in the town where I live (Marlborough, Mass.) and I would much rather have a Krispy Kreme any day.

However, their coffee drinks somewhat redeem the company.
Welcome Friends said…
I get heart burn from eating donuts. I never get heart burn from a cupcake though (=