Krispy Kreme Mini Donuts and Cupcakes Are Dessert heaven

We've covered donut cupcakes before, including donut holes on cupcakes, colorful donut cupcakes and jelly donut cupcakes.

Donut cupcakes from

But the blog Life With Cake has gone one better and seemingly created a new combination: coffee, donuts and cupcakes!

Today while enjoying a warm Krispy Kreme I came across a new donut they are offering…the Mini! Krispy Kreme Minis come in original glazed, chocolate glazed, and chocolate glazed dipped in sprinkles. These little guys gave me the inspiration to try out a new cupcake today - The Coffee and Donut Cupcake!

I have seen a few versions of this cupcake on the Internet already and decided I needed to put my own twist on it. I wanted the base of the cupcake to be dense, yet moist, able to withstand a dunk in coffee. The cake also couldn’t be overly sweet, lord knows the donut and frosting would handle that aspect. So a sour cream coffee cake cupcake became the base of this masterpiece. Coffee Swiss meringue buttercream would make the perfect creamy pillow for the mini donut to rest upon. Viola…a divine breakfast treat!

Visit Life With Cake for the recipe for these amazing-looking concoctions.


Diana G. Garcia said…
hahahahha ! this is very funny i mean Yummi!... killing two birds at once ha?... good idea! ;)
t said…
giving credit where credit is due...his is not a new idea...Bake and Destroy has done this:

Chockylit did this in 2007, making her donuts from scratch:

Just Jenn Recipes did this:

There are more I'm's a great idea!