Pretty in Pink cupcakes - Allison Robicelli explains them

Well, all my videos from this weekend related to events taking place...this weekend (as in, this past weekend). So my apologies in advance that this one and the ones to follow are slightly out of date, but, I hope, still relevant.

On Saturday, after visiting both Little Cupcake Bakeshop and Ivy Bakery, I figured I'd hit the cupcake trifecta and stopped by Robicelli's Gourmet Market, where we were cupcake judges at Cupcakepalooza in April. Little did I know that they were also doing movie cupcakes: Pretty in Pink ones for the 80's prom that Brooklyn Based was holding.

Yes, these are gone, but Allison Robicelli also talks about their Michael Jackson and Bea Arthur tribute cupcakes and what you can expect coming out of their kitchen.

I have a few more photos on Flickr, and here are some to help you keep track of which cupcakes were which:

Pretty in Pink cupcakes at Robicelli's

Pretty in Pink cupcakes, Robicelli's Gourmet Market

Fluffernutter Duckie Pretty in Pink cupcakes, Robicelli's Gourmet Market

Fluffernutter cupcakes

I made the mistake of eating my fluffernutter cupcake the next evening when it was kindof melted, but the fluffer part of it was still amazing, very light and sticky and gooey, the way a marshmallow should be. It was a very, very sweet cupcake, in contrast to the one with blue cheese, which was, well, cheesy. Good, but in a different way. I like the creativity behind all of these and their dedication to outrageous flavors.

You can find Robicelli's on their website, at their Facebook group, and on Twitter.


Coco Cake Land said…
My upstairs neighbor just screamed downstairs to turn on Martha Stewart!! I turned it on-- and saw you three beautiful ladies enjoying a coconut cupcake, heehee!!!! That was so awesome! You guys all looked so cute! Congrats!!

xo lyndsay

PS-- also-- i used to watch Pretty in Pink EVERY DAY when I was 12 or 13!! obsessed!!!