Sunday Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup in Boston!

Sorry for the lack of updates today, but am cooking up lots of good stuff.

And this weekend I'll be in Boston - on Saturday I intend to explore all the bakeries I can get to, if anyone's interested, from 4 pm on. And on Sunday there'll be a cupcake meetup from 12-2 at Sweet in Back Bay (49 Massachusetts Avenue). Join us to see the latest offerings from Sweet.

As you may recall, Sweet made these beautiful custom cupcakes with our logo:

Omg! Cupcakes Take the Cake cupcakes!

That evening, from 5-8, I'll be attending Johnny Cupcakes' cupcakeless Holy Ship cruise. Tickets are still available (but t-shirts are apparently sold out), $70.


Jenn said…
When you say this Sunday do you mean July 26th? I would love to go. I just really want to make sure what day it is on.