President Obama celebrates his birthday, and Helen Thomas's, with cupcakes

President Obama is making cupcake news twice in two weeks! Something tells me he's a cupcake fan.

Via Washington Post, and there's video!

President Obama made a surprise appearance in the White House press briefing room Tuesday afternoon to deliver a paper plate full of cupcakes to honor the birthday he shares with veteran journalist Helen Thomas.

Obama, who is celebrating his 48th birthday, led the press corps in singing "Happy Birthday" to Thomas, who turned 89 today. He then delivered the cupcakes to Thomas and asked her to make a wish. "You gotta blow it out to make it come true," Obama instructed, before Thomas extinguished the one lit candle on the plate.


GwenSA said…
Thanks for sharing this story. Love your cupcake updates on twitter too.
Chrystal K. said…
Happy birthday Mr. President.