Cupcake truck in Bay Area: Sweet Ride

You know how we recently posted that there are 3 cupcake trucks in the Bay Area? Well, now there's another one. I actually don't know the precise chronology, so I will just say, more officially, now there's another one listed on this blog. My friend Jackson sent me this photo the other night:

The other photos are from Sweet Ride on Facebook.

Here's how they describe themselves on their site:

Welcome to Sweet Ride, the Bay Area's original mobile bakery. At Sweet Ride, we believe in letting loose, laughing often and celebrating everyday life. We pair the warmth and nostalgia of an old-time bakery with the bright-pink originality and carefree attitude of the Sweet Ride, herself. Quality and flavor are the focus in our gourmet cupcakes, sweetie pies, old-fashioned banana puddings, chocolate mousses and other desserts. Each of our handmade treats is a reminder that life is one sweet ride on which some of the best things are simple and unexpected. Rules are made to be broken, and Sweet Ride invites you to join in the fun.

Their flavors include mint chocolate, hummingbird, pumpkin spice, strawberry cheesecake and coconut, in addition to the usual suspects like vanilla, chocolate and red velvet. Regular size cupcakes are $3 each and mini cupcakes are $2 each. They also sell coffee from Equator Estate Coffee & Teas. I'm adding them to my list of Bay Area cupcakes I must try next month. (I am hoping to do a Meetup, but will post about that soon, I'm in town October 15-18.)

And of course they are on Twitter (@SweetRideSF) - here are some recent Tweets:

Sweet Ride
San Francisco, CA
phone: 415-44-TREAT (87328)
fax: 415-948-2040
info at