Treat's chocolate banana cupcakes and more custom logo cupcakes

And these are the chocolate banana cupcakes that I bought from New York City custom cupcake company Treat...also delicious! The chocolate on top was a thin layer of very rich chocolate and the banana cake was kindof like a banana muffin, in a good way, dense and delicious.

And while I'm and Treat owner Harley with the custom cupcakes with my face, and another closeup. I can justify this not as narcissism but as a recommendation of somewhere to get custom image cupcakes; I had actually asked around local bakeries a while ago and hadn't found anyone in Manhattan willing to do it (I believe Ivy Bakery in Brooklyn does offer this). So yes, check out Treat if you want your face (or logo, or your dog's face, or whatever) on a cupcake.


cadilacjax said…
WoW! Yummy on Bannana, choc, cupcakes...Now I'm so wanting one.
Sandra said…
Those are awesome, I'm gonna bake some cupcakes today, but not that fancy:P