Valentine's Day filled heart cupcakes and more at Cupcakeland in Williamburg, Brooklyn

Last night I trekked out in the snow to check out Cupcakeland, the new cupcake bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I didn't have too far to walk, thankfully, and was grateful that they were open until 8 on such a snowy night. The shop was super cute, small, with two tables, and features a daily assortment of cupcakes, with six flavors that are the same every day and then rotating ones. Overall, the cupcakes were very simple, in a good way. I like the variety of flavors they offer and that they rotate them, the shop is cheery and cute, and they seem like they're off to a great start.

The woman who helped me was very nice, and said that the other night they had a vodka-flavored cupcake (I think it was raspberry) but all the little kids kept wanting "the pink cupcake" so they had to whip up a non-alcoholic version for them. Cupcakes are $2.25 each, and they also sell tea, coffee and water. My 10 cupcakes and a water came to $23.50 - not bad at all! See more photos in my Flickr set.

Cupcakeland (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Cupcakeland (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
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The strawberry and whipped cream one tasted like something you could make at home - and I mean that as a compliment! It wasn't trying to be fancy, and in fact, I think the frosting was just whipped cream. But it had fresh strawberries inside and was simple and delicious.

Inside strawberries and cream cupcake, Cupcakeland (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
inside the strawberries and cream cupcake

I also really liked the peanut butter cupcake; the frosting was very smooth and not too sweet. The apple cinnamon one I wasn't that thrilled with; the flavor just didn't do it for me, but I'd be willing to try it again.

Inside white chocolate raspberry cupcake, Cupcakeland (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
inside the white chocolate raspberry cupcake - the filling had a hint of tartness, since it's raspberry, that went really well with the cake. This frosting was okay, not bad, but wasn't as rich as I was expecting from the words "white chocolate."

Cupcakeland (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

If you're in Williamsburg, definitely check them out.

Cupcakeland cupcakes (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
I tried a few cupcakes while I was there, and got these to go. I tried them, save for the Valentine's one, cold from the refrigerator today so I can't really say too much about each one, though the Oreo is the one I'd most want to try again. Will give a proper review of these when I am less impatient and wait for them to defrost. (I was told that these should be eaten ideally same day.)

Valentine's Day heart cupcakes...I'm not sure what the pink heart is made of. I really liked the frosting in these, it was sweet and creamy and light and went well with their chocolate cake. Probably my second favorite after the strawberries and cream.

and the inside:

Valentine's Day heart cupcakes, Cupcakeland (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Cupcakeland filled heart Valentine's Day cupcake

Cupcakeland filled heart Valentine's Day cupcake

390 Metropolitan Avenue (between N5th and Havemeyer Streets)
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
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Unknown said…
The Valentine Day cupcakes look wonderful. They'd melt anyone's heart!!! They look very yummy