Beef and salmon mini cupcakes (no sugar!)

Yes, savory cupcakes, without any sugar, are possible, as proven by New York City's Kumquat Cupcakery. Though we prefer the sweet kind of cupcakes, there is room for savory cupcakes in this vast cupcake world.

From their blog:

got an email the other day from the fine folks at Deity Lounge asking about my cupcakes. Apparently they came across the bacon cupcakes at the flea and (of course) fell in love with them. The email was very sweet and seemed perfectly normal....until...."would you be able to make a few completely savory cupcakes for us?" Ummm, is this a cupcake related homework assignment? YES! I'm in, let's do this.

So yesterday I spent all morning surrounded by some of my favorite savory items (beer, potato chips, smoked salmon). I ended up creating 3 cakes with no sugar, and a frosting containing mostly goat cheese. My kitchen mates were more than a little excited about this new development.

Needless to say they were DELICIOUS, and I'm happy to announce that Deity Lounge will be selling them starting this Sunday at their party to introduce the new menu. I'll be there so definitely swing by and say hello!

From left to right: Beet cake with rosemary, sea salt, and bacon. Dill cake with smoked salmon and a caper relish. Plain cake with a cherry pepper and balsamic vinegar. Black and white cake with chocolate frosting and a salt and vinegar potato chip. Maple cinnamon cake with bacon on top.

See also: our 2008 cupcake interview with Keavy Landreth of Kumquat Cupcakery


Lyns said…
Those are awesome! Salt and Vinegar has me intrigued.
Attempted Cook said…
So, "cupcakes" are anything baked in cupcake/muffin pans with something that appears like "frosting" on top? :) Can my mini meatloafs with mashed potato frosting count? :)