Cupcake interview with Jennifer Shea, owner, Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle

I have lots of cupcake video interviews to share with you over the next few days from my recent travels, will post one a day. This one is an interview with Jennifer Shea, owner of Seattle's Trophy Cupcakes, home of last week's wonderful cupcake meetup at their Wallingford store. See photos in my Trophy Cupcakes Flickr set, a few photos are below. Jennifer talks about their bestselling cupcakes, their new party space you can rent out, how they make the custom edible image cupcakes, like the ones with my face on them, and what makes Trophy Cupcakes unique. Thank you, Jennifer, for being so gracious, for hosting our meetup and for the cupcakes and for being so all-around awesome.

Cupcake display

Me, Jessie Oleson of Cakespy, Jennifer Shea (yes, I know it's fuzzy)

February's flavor of the month cupcake, dark chocolate raspberry, filled (this month's flavor is Jameson Irish whiskey))

Their infamous s'mores cupcake (Jennifer Shea made this one on The Martha Stewart Show)

My face cupcakes


Bri said…
Just FYI - The Jameson Whiskey cupcake is a flavor at Cupcake Royale (one of Trophy's delicious competitors). The march flavor of the month at Trophy Cupcakes is a Chocolate Stout Cupcake made with Guinness Stout, topped with a Bailey's Irish Creme Buttercream. Yum!