Golden retriever, French Bernese, Pomeranian and German shepherd/hound adorable doggie cupcakes

I love all these extremely adorable dog cupcakes by blogger i Bake Cupcakes, who wowed us with her summer fun lobster cupcake cake - make sure to go there to see more. Photos via her Flickr account.

Golden Retrievers - Luna and Chelsea
Golden retriever cupcakes - Luna and Chelsea

French Bernese Bette cupcake

Pomeranian Bear cupcake (my personal favorite - is it because of the color pink? the multicolor ears? the little smile?)

German shepherd/hound Duke cupcake

Who let the Dogs Out?
Lots of doggies and a few other cupcakes

I must admit, I'm not even that much of a dog person, but these cupcakes made me want to meet all these adorable dogs, so thank you, i Bake Cupcakes - visit her to see the poodle, black lab and puggle cupcakes.