Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When cupcake monsters attack

These cute monster cupcakes are by MyCakeSchool.com, where you can find out how to make your own. Via Flickr.

Marshmallow fluff cupcakes = major WIN

I love marshmallow in pretty much any form so was very exciting to see two kinds of marshmallow fluff cupcakes.

The first is by Abbie Kiefer of the blog Please Pass the Pie who calls mashmallow fluff "the cupcake baker's best friend" and writes:

I had half of a container left over from Christmas fudge making and I needed to use it up, so I combined about 8 oz. of Fluff with about 3/4 c. softened butter and added powdered sugar and vanilla to taste (probably about 1/2 to 3/4 c. sugar and a 1/2 t. of vanilla) and mixed with my faithful KitchenAid stand mixer. It was good! Rich and not too sugary. But more than that, it was really fluffy and I could spread and pipe to my heart's content. I'd say it made enough to frost 18-24 cupcakes, depending on how generous you're feeling.

The second features chocolate marshmallow fluff cupcakes by Cupcake Corner - click through for recipe!

Crumbs to sell limited edition Fashion's Night Out cupcakes

For the cupcake-loving fashionista, from Racked NY:

10. Crumbs' Fashion's Night Out cupcakes
Although almost every party advertises cupcakes and champagne, it's only at Crumbs' 12 NYC locations that you'll get the limited-edition Fashion's Night Out cupcake. There's no news yet on the flavor or the frosting, but it'll be available only from the night of Sept. 10 through the end of Fashion Week.

Cupcake tree for fall

How cute is this cupcake tree (or tree cupcake)?

It's from Crazy Delicious Food, where you can find out exactly how to make it in their tutorial (just five steps), via Party Cupcake Ideas, where you can get inspiration for 24 other fall themed cupcakes!

Cupcake teepees!

Lilsugar user Colbie made these cupcake teepees for her nephew, who's big into cupcakes, using ice cream cones, cake batter, chocolate, sprinkles and pretzels. (via Lilsugar)

One thing I never could've imagined way back in December 2004 when we started this blog is just how creative people can get with cupcakes, especially for kids. You like it? It can become a cupcake, and while sometimes that means placing a logo or drawing or writing something on top of a cupcake or adding a topper, sometimes it means deconstructing the very idea of what a cupcake is and turning it on its head (sometimes literally). And I bet they were delicious! Click above to find out how she made them.

Extra gooey glaze on raspberry and mango mascarpone mini cupcakes

I love the way these cupcakes from Siriously Delicious look, the way the glaze is oozing off the top. That's something you won't (normally) see at a bakery and gives these cupcakes personality, plus the raspberry is so red, it makes me want one right now! Go to the blog to see more photos.

Snake in the grass cupcake for sale at The Cupcakery

Las Vegas bakery The Cupcakery just debuted this cupcake - read more about it below and visit thecupcakery.com for more information (they have two Vegas locations). They're $3.25 or $36 for a dozen.

The Cupcakery, Las Vegas’ premier cupcake bakery, announces the debut of “Snake in the Grass,” the bakery’s newest cupcake. This sweet and sassy cupcake is made with chocolate or vanilla cake, topped with green chocolate frosting, then rolled in chocolate crunch and topped with a gummy worm.

Just to prove perception isn’t everything, even though these “Snake in the Grass” cupcakes would be perfect for a frenemy or someone who has secretly done you a dirty deed, these cute, sweet and tasty treats are the ultimate gift to say “thank you” to a teacher as the school year starts up. You can also surprise your gardener, your neighbor or even your favorite veterinarian. Sometimes the things that seem a little down and dirty at first glance are really the nicest surprises of all! The “Snake in the Grass” cupcake is available for purchase individually or by the dozen at The Cupcakery’s Summerlin and Eastern locations as well as Texas locations.

Cupcake sadness (but still delicious!)

I brought some cupcakes from Baked by Melissa (remember: tomorrow is your last day to get their sundae cupcake, Wednesday will bring a new flavor of the month) to a friend yesterday. The first few are what the cupcakes look like in the store. Their box has a slot for each of the 12 cupcakes (I got one of each flavor plus an extra, because I wasn't sure what my friend would like), but when you're swinging the bag and jostling it, the last photo shows what can happen. I take full responsibility, because I was walking all over and taking the subway and wasn't holding them in a way that would protect them.

Treat your cupcakes with care! Next time I'll photograph them all nestled in their cute little box so I can show you (and the recipient) what they are supposed to look like. See bakedbymelissa.com for ordering information, including nationwide shipping.

The bag:


I'm told they were still tasty, even if some of the frostings got mixed together.

Beautiful day, beautiful cupcakes at Cupcakeland in Williamsburg

On Sunday I stopped in to one of my favorite New York City cupcake bakeries, Cupcakeland in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which I hadn't had a chance to visit for a while, and my love for their cupcakes, with their creamy, mostly cream-cheese based but still light frostings. I was with a friend who told me that he'd recently had very dry cupcakes and he likes them moist and sweet. He tried the first one shown below, the white chocolate raspberry with chocolate cake, while we shared the ones below along with a peanut butter cupcake, all complete winners, though my absolute favorite is the strawberry shortcake, whipped cream on top, fresh strawberries inside. $2.25 each and the perfect way to cap off a beautiful day.

390 Metropolitan Ave
(between Havemeyer St & 5th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Espresso chocolate cupcakes with espresso buttercream

These espresso chocolate cupcakes with espresso buttercream are from The Novice Chef Blog - go there for the recipe! The chocolate flower and heart on top add a little extra touch that makes these cupcakes stand out.

Iron Cupcake San Francisco: Coconut Challenge

Iron Cupcake: San Francisco just wrapped up another successful event at Leland Tea Company this evening. The tea house was stuffed to capacity as over 20 bakers and 60 tasters stuffed their faces with the delicious coconut creations.

August's ingredient was coconut and for only the third time in Iron Cupcake: SF history, the same baker took first place in both the taste/appearance and most creative categories.

Congratulations to Sol Liboi for her winning "Island Fever" cupcakes!

I absolutely love the before and after shots of the tasting trays!

Next month's ingredient is "tea," which I'm actually surprised hasn't been an ingredient yet, given the amazing tea house that hosts the event. A new electronic voting system was implemented using voting by text over the cellular network this month, which drastically reduced the amount of time calculating the votes. 

at The Leland Tea Company 
1416 Bush St. (@ corner of Polk St.)
San Francisco, CA 94109
September 27th at 7PM

Monday, August 30, 2010

Alliance Bakery in Chicago

In Chicago's Wicker Park, Alliance Bakery has made its home since the 1920s. Operated by Chef Peter Rios, Alliance's selection of baked goods varies from macarons to croissants to....cupcakes! This is one of the many places to get cupcakes in Chicago, but certainly one of the most unique. The tiny bakery transports customers to a vintage-looking Eastern European cubby-hole with two large cases. The cases are packed with all kinds of desserts with a coffee bar behind them. The bakery probably looks exactly the same as it did 20 years ago, but the cupcakes are fresh daily.

Pictures from Juneann via flickr
 The banana chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting was a rich banana cake with very light whipped cream cheese frosting, filled with a gooey chocolate banana ganache.

Topped with the fresh milk chocolate shavings, this cupcake was both yummy to look at and to eat. The cake was very thick and creamy with the ganache and it melted in my mouth with the frosting. There were about five other cupcakes to choose from, but this was perfect for me since I've been on a banana and chocolate kick lately.

Look at these adorable cupcake cookies!

Alliance is a very welcoming place for people to sip caffeinated beverages and eat cupcakes. The cafe part next door offers a very homey seating experience for people to gather in small groups or for students to study. Extra bonus: outdoor seating area along Division to watch dudes take off on fixed gear bikes with drink carriers full of cupcakes (yes, this actually happened when I visited [sorry no pic, he was too fast!]).

Golden Oreo cupcakes

These golden Oreo cupcakes are from the food blog Burnt Apple - go there for the recipe.

Cat cupcakes, coconut lime, strawberry and personalized cupcakes in Beacon, New York

These cupcakes are all by Let Them Eat Cupcakes of Beacon, New York (via Poughkeepsie Journal). You can also find them on Facebook or reach them at eatcupcakes76 at yahoo.com or call 845-444-0063.

Cat cupcakes (strawberry)

coconut lime cake with lime frosting, lime zest and

chocolate cupcake

personalized cupcakes for graduates

Cupcake party decorations!

There's a store on 14th Street in Manhattan, between 5th and 6th Avenues, that is a party store with balloons and such, and I think it's going out of business, and I snapped this cupcake decoration there this weekend:

Cupcakes in Mumbai, India

From an article in Business Standard:

The small size of cupcakes is a major reason why they are such a fixture on menus of new-age bakers like Rebecca Vaz, an ex-flight attendant. Since consumers are open to new forms and flavours in their cupcakes, Vaz too tweaked her recipes. “Vanilla and chocolate are still popular, but I think you’re starting to see a trend of thinking out of the box,” she notes. Vaz, who now pursues her baking under the brand name The Baking Tray, has perfected her own healthy recipe of banana bread cupcakes with oatmeal and honey that has been a runaway success with Mumbaikars. “It’s going to be Brownies in Diwali as they have better shelf life than cupcakes.” Though the cupcakes are not going anywhere, she adds quickly, as private and corporate Diwali parties love to indulge on mini-cupcakes.

“The fact that you can be creative with the colour, icing and sprinkles makes baking cupcakes a great stress buster too,” enthuses Mallika Rahat Khan, owner of Sugar Rush, another cupcake lover and baker. She tells us that besides the fashion elite who love cupcakes, they are now a must-have item on baby showers, pre-wedding bashes, kitty parties and even weekend get-togethers. A Cordon Bleu graduate, Khan returned to the city three years ago and discovered that ‘cup-cakery’ was fun and a great business. Today, she insists that close to 95 per cent of her orders are for cupcakes — customised to her customer’s wishes. “I have included apple cinnamon, strawberry, cherry, peach, and other seasonal fruit flavours in my cupcakes. Even eggless and sugar-free cupcakes are now sought after by customers,” she lists.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vegan cayenne pepper chocolate cupcakes and non-vegan bacon French toast cupcakes

These cupcakes are both from 2 Sweet Cupcakes - the first is a vegan cayenne pepper chocolate cupcake and the second is a French toast cupcake. Click through to read more and get the recipes.

bacon French toast maple syrup cupcake

Puffles cupcakes times two

Two kinds of Puffles cupcakes (I had to look up what Puffles were, but I think they're adorable!).

by Cupcakes & Corsets via Flickr

These are by lynnetteqq on Flickr

Murder mystery cupcakes

Cupcakes Take the Cake reader Becs Lake made these crime scene cupcakes for a murder mystery party! Fun idea and goes to show that there's pretty much nothing that can't be celebrated with cupcakes.

Cupcake truck and New Jersey bakery CupcakeStop in The New York Times

From today's The New York Times:

Mr. Ekster, 26, who completed his law degree at the New York Law School in TriBeCa in May 2009, is not a baker. But he chose cupcakes.

“When I was in school, I spent so much time traveling across town waiting in lines for dessert,” he said. “Cupcakes are such a great comfort food, but I wasn’t impressed with the offerings out there.”

So he opened CupcakeStop in June 2009, renting a commercial kitchen in Brooklyn to bake cupcakes, which he sold from a truck roaming the streets of New York City. In April, he moved the bakery to an out-of-the-way spot in a shopping center in Montclair, where it opened to retail customers in July. There are now two trucks in New York, and the company also has a small counter at the Limelight Marketplace in Manhattan.

Traffic, Mr. Ekster said, has been better than steady in Montclair. He attributes it to CupcakeStop’s recipes and its three bakers, trained at the French Culinary Institute. They churn out 9 to 12 flavors like chocolate caramel pretzel and Nutella crunch daily, rotating through a repertoire of around 80 varieties.

New moment in cupcaking: Hedgehogs.

Is it odd that I have posted about hedgehogs and cupcakes before? No. What's odd is that this one is an actual hedgehog. And her cupcake. Hi Hermione! That cupcake sure looks yummy...

2010-08-10 Cupcake & Hermione

Image courtesy of madflowr.


I wasn't aware there was a Sloogle (this, this or this?) but I like the cupcakes regardless:

Sloogle cupcakes

Image by RodBegbie.

Major mouth watering: chocolate dipped ice cream cone cupcakes!

There's something about ice cream cone cupcakes - I'm not sure if it's that they remind me of ice cream or look super cute, probably both, but they just make me happy. These chocolate dipped ones go above and beyond, especially with the cherry on top! See more photos at Vanilla Bean Baker, who also has instructions on how to make them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun with funfetti cupcakes (from scratch!)

Check out these funfetti cupcakes from C&C Cakery, who are adamantly against the use of cake mix for cupcakes. Visit their blog for the recipe.

I think I'd like a pair of these...

Nifty knee-high cupcake socks:


Shot by CandyJ2008.

Kids and Cupcakes: Devilishly delicious!

Possibly one of my favorite Kids and Cupcakes shots, ever:

baby eating  Chocolate Caramel Seduction Cupcakes

It's impossible not to laugh when looking at this, right?

"Baby eating Chocolate Caramel Seduction Cupcakes" by my_amii.


Perfect equation

Baby + cupcake outfit = guaranteed adorableness.

Gangsta Viola

This wee bit-o-wonder (her name's Viola!) thanks to DrewVigal and the Cupcake Gang.

Where am I?

What a cool picture.

Cupcake cats

Taken in Vancouver, Washington, the tag reads. Anyone know where?

Shot courtesy of khawkins.

[Not-so-private note to Blogger: I hate you and your tagging/labeling issue. You make me want to load a bazooka full of lard frosting and take you down.]

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tea towels

Oooh! So pretty! And what a nice gift idea.

Make it a cupcake! Decorative tea towel.

Cupcake decorative tea towels!

Cook a cupcake. A decorative tea towel.


A cupcake tea towel.

All images by Decorative Towels by Cath. (The provided dedicated url didn't work, not sure what's up with that, so I am linking to the Flickr account.)

direct to your door, er, mailbox (aka post box)

How clever! A "Cupcakes in Transit" box for shipping. Loves it.

Cupcakes in the post

And what's inside?

Cupcakes in the post

Mmm...bet this person did something very nice to deserve such sweetness.

Wait, could it be they just had a baby??!

Sure looks like it! Many congrats! And welcome, Toby!

Cupcakes appear to be from Clinton Cakes in the UK.

All shots by knolleary.