Sriracha hot sauce on a bacon cupcake? We tried it and liked it! Hot and sweet!

At our Honolulu cupcake meetup on Tuesday, I challenged podcaster, blogger and all-around awesome guy Doc Rock to put Sriracha hot sauce on one of Annie Cakes Irish bomb cupcakes, and he did! Here's what happened:

the cupcakes!


hot sauce cupcake happiness

He loved it so much that I felt compelled to try it myself:

After I added that much Sriracha, someone told me "It's not ketchup!" I'm used to spicy food so Ithought I was prepared, but that first bite was pretty hot. I tasted mostly the hot sauce, but then soon after the cake's sweetness caught up with me. Her chocolate cake was very rich and sweet and wonderful, the way a chocolate cake should be, and that made this one-two punch of spicy and sweet that was amazing. You can experiment with differing amounts of hot sauce but this would be great with savory cupcakes or ones that are rich and intense like these bacon cupcakes.

One warning: If you're at an event like a cupcake meetup, I recommend eating your hot sauce cupcake last, so that you can fully appreciate all the other cupcakes. I saved mine until I was ready to eat non-cupcake food, and it was perfect, almost like a reverse dessert, the savory/spicy/sweet thing you eat when you're done with purse sweets. Maybe someone can incorporate hot sauce into a cupcake?

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For those who don't know about the wonder that is Sriracha, here's some info from Wikipedia:

Sriracha (Thai: ศรีราชา [sǐrātɕʰā]) is a type of Thai hot sauce, named after the coastal city of Si Racha, in the Chonburi Province of central Thailand, where it was first produced for dishes served at local seafood restaurants.[1] It is a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt.[2]