Sweets in the Suite: Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

As we recently noted in a previous post, Cupcake Royale is now the official cupcake of the SeattleMariners baseball club. We aren’t sure how many other MLB teams have named an official cupcake, but based on the success Cupcake Royale is having, it seems like a trend that will only get bigger.

 Melissa and Rachel from section 214's Cupcake Royale stand at Safeco Field in Seattle. Go Mariners!

Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

Our Seattle stringer ELD Images and his wife Muffin D’Amour recently had a chance to sample some flavors that aren’t currently on the Safeco Field roster, while at a Mariners game, thanks to Laura Glass of Cupcake Royale, who arranged for delivery of two dozen cupcakes to the suite. Thanks, Laura! The non-roster invitees – in keeping with the baseball theme – included: Classic (a no-nonsense vanilla cake with heaps of chocolate frosting – surprisingly not on the roster); Dance party (white cake with pink frosting and confetti decoration – might not fit in with chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds); and Kate (pink vanilla frosting on chocolate cake).   

Dance Party Destroyer - Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

Dance party destroyer at the game.

The Classic - Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

The classic.

It seems like a natural fit for Cupcake Royale to design a baseball cupcake, perhaps vanilla buttercream frosting with red stitching, or a cupcake with the Mariners’ compass rose logo (admittedly, that would be labor-intensive, but worth it, in our opinion), but nothing has been forthcoming yet. We can only hope.  Could they also be developing a beer cupcake?  Hmmm…

Red Velvet - Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

Red velvet.

Salted Caramel - Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

Salted caramel.

Cupcake Royale’s current Safeco Field roster stands at four: Red velvet, plain Jane, triple threat and salted caramel. Red velvet recently overtook plain Jane as the top ballpark seller, according to Laura.  Laura also informed us that triple threat – a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting – comes spiked with a shot of Stumptown espresso, which could come in handy on those too-frequent days when the Mariner bats are comatose. Salted caramel was commissioned for the Obama inauguration (!). All the cupcakes were moist and came piled with enough hand-swirled frosting to satisfy even the most wired sugar-eater.

Triple Threat - Cupcake Royale at Safeco Field

Triple threat.

Muffin D'Amour, wife to ELD Images, and chief tasting officer. Excellent shot of her at the game! And speaking of excellent game shots, you can see more of ELD's baseballs shots here and cupcake shots here.

Oh, and here's a bonus shot, taken yesterday, the Independence Day triple threat cupcake. Happy 4th of July!!