zebra cupcake

Lilypad Cupcakes

My Little Cupcake

Chocolate mint cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

pink cupcakes

mini lavender cupcakes, feigning fantastic

Gang up

Scandanavian Cupcakes

Carrot cupcake from Big City Small World Bakery

very neat wedding cupcakes

Sticky-uppy frosting

pretty decorations

Boston Cupcakes

mini princess peanut buttercup and mini princess buttercup.

Cupcake Interview with Gloria Tarigo of NYC's Let Them Eat Cake

Various vegan cupcakes

vegan cupcakes

Week 52: Return of the Coconut Cupcakes!

Baltimore Cupcake Company

chocolatey cupcakes with peanut butter filling!

hearts and stars

Eat This Book Party

Cupcake books galore

Dora the Explorer cupcake

brightly colored cupcakes

flowers on chocolate cupcakes

banana cupcakes

scooping frosting

ButterflyShortbreads, Wafer Roses, Chocolate Balls Toppers!

fun designs + sprinkles


very pretty cupcakes

a rose by any other name...

super gooey chocolate frosting

Welcome Metro readers

bunch o' banana cupcakes

more Lily and Molly and cupcakes

Lily and Molly liked the cupcakes

Easter cupcake tower

Amaretto frosting and toasted slivered coconut

Perfect swirls

Even Paris Hilton eats cupcakes

Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World

Beaker Cupcakes!

cupcakes and cupcake plates!

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birthday cupcakes

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