Cupcake hater hall of fame: Gordon Ramsay

Image via Standard Deviance

We've been through this before, but LAist alerted us to Gordon Ramsay's tirade against cupcakes in response to the Travel & Leisure article on LA's cupcake bakeries:

The whole cupcake thing has been done to death. I thought we were through the woods, done hearing about how fucking cool and "retro" cupcakes were. I thought we were finished with interviews with the bakery proprietors telling mind-numbing stories about how they found their grandmother's old recipe box in the attic and dusted one of the recipe cards off and lo! there was a glorious cupcake recipe and they just jazzed it up a bit to make it "cutting-edge" and it is the perfect marriage of great memories and contemporary cuisine.

I think this applies to anything you hate that much: so skip it. No one is forcing you to read about or eat cupcakes. And cupcakes are not "over" by any stretch of the imagination. Especially in LA or New York, where new bakeries are proliferating.

Even Joel Stein, who railed against cupcakes in Time magazine ("our society's twisting of the cupcake's role is a sickness") told me he had them at his wedding! (I had done half an interview with him for this blog and never wound up publishing it. My bad. But Joel's great.) So there.

Also, next time someone thinks of doing the whole "I hate cupcakes and how they're ubiquitous" shtick, please release it's just as overdone as you think cupcakes are. Thank you.

Cupcake haters, I dedicate this photo of me to you: