It's not Fashion's Night Out without Cupcakes!

As we've seen from last year's Fashion's Night Out and other fashion events, fashionistas are pretty strong supporters of cupcakes. From free cupcakes at in-store celebrations to Crumb's FNO cupcake for charity, I wouldn't have considered the all-night festivities complete without a cupcake (or few).

Pictured above are Oreo Cookie and Banana Nut mini cupcakes from Cupcake Stop at Paige Demim, a store I chanced upon when I glimpsed from the corner of my eye, event-goers holding cupcake wrappers. Call it Cupcake Radar, if you will. A bit dense, a bit sweet, but still a blissful distraction from the figure-hugging premium jeans surrounding me. Indulgence is what this night is all about, no?


theCupcakediary said…
Fashion's Night Out in Los Angeles was also infused with cupcakes! Check out the photos..
CupcakesOMG! said…
Did you see Crumbs' Fashion Night Out cupcake:

It looks AMAZING!!!!!!
LoveCupcakes said…
Indeed, cupcakes are perfect to serve in fashion night out.