Inspired By A Doughnut, A Way To Help Boston

Today on my way to the studio to do #amTwib, I stopped by a bakery and got a Boston Creme doughnut. I took a photo and posted on Instagram and came up with an idea.  Maybe some bakers both amateur and professional can bake Boston Creme cupcakes and do a fundraiser for the people affected by the Boston Marathon. Personally, I have an aunt who lives in Boston and on Monday, my family was anxious as it was hard to get in touch with her, but luckily she is safe.

I am not sure what nonprofits but since many of the runners run on behalf of Team In Training or other organizations so it might be nice to donate that way.

Here's some Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes from prior posts on Cupcakes Take The Cake.

If any bakeries do any fundraising to assist the Boston Marathon victims, please let us know. We love to support by spreading the word.

By the way, I see two different spellings in my research. Is it creme or cream? Is it a Boston thing?


Unknown said…
I would like to contribute! Is there an address we could send the funds to? Please e-mail me with how we can get this going!

Babycakes by Jasmine
Unknown said…
I forgot to leave my e-mail!
Nichelle said…
We don't have anything set yet. We will update the blog if we do