Another day, another Sprinkles Cupcakes lawsuit

But don't they each sound more ridiculous than the last? This really takes the...yogurt??? I guess Sprinkles Cupcakes is planning to go into the ice cream business too, which at least is a new twist. I could definitely see on a wider scale various bakeries offering cupcakes and ice cream/frozen yogurt in various fun combinations. If bakeries or bloggers or just people who enjoy yummy desserts are already doing this, let us know, we'd love to post about it. But still, this one, perhaps even more than the many, many other lawsuits, makes me laugh. Raise your hand if you plan to confuse cupcakes with yogurt.

From The Associated Press:

The owners of a new frozen yogurt chain in the Philadelphia area are fighting a trademark dispute over the name "Sprinkles."

They hope to keep the Sprinkles Yogurt name despite objections from Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Furniture store chain co-owner Dan Mealey and children Matthew and Ryan have opened a Sprinkles Yogurt store in Cherry Hill, N.J., and plan several in the Philadelphia area.

Sprinkles Cupcakes complains the Mealeys are infringing on a "Sprinkles" trademark they hold that covers ice cream. Co-founder Charles Nelson says the company plans to enter the retail ice-cream market.

The Mealeys say the word "Sprinkles" is generic and should not have been trademarked.

Previously in Sprinkles cupcake lawsuits (I don't know that I ever heard the final result of the Sprinkles vs. Famous Cupcakes suit, but will investigate and post again if I have more news):

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Rachel said…
Omg that is ridiculous!! I live right near the Sprinkles yogurt place in Cherry Hill and it's really cute inside! Who on Earth does Sprinkles Cupcakes think they are???
imwende said…
GOOD thing you know they won't want bakeries making the same flavors they carry..AFTER all they didn't make the very first cupcake EVER..!!!!...
ashleycupcake said…
Ugh I hate Sprinkles!
Articia said…
so some idiot let them trademark the word "sprinkles" (first mistake) as that's just snotty. Their second mistake is going after anything that used that word in a name. in reality, all they're doing is pissing of the sane people of the world and losing customers. but hey, at least they have their name, right?

*rolls eyes*

I vow to never give any money to sprinkles cupcakes as long as I live. they don't deserve it.