wrapped up

Week 13: Blueberry Rose Cupcakes

white and pink on chocolate cake


super colorful

Cupcake Graffiti

cupcake + candles

beach cupcakes

a real cupcake bouquet

I'm mystified

what will they think of next?

Baby Bootie Cakes

Perfectly swirled frosting

Panda cupcakes and query

I'm sure it tastes better than it looks

Our funniest cupcake interview yet: Jon Friedman

The Great American Bake Sale

Parents magazine's 2005 cupcake calendar

red velvet birthday cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

half eaten lavender cupcake

Sew Darn Cute's cupcake bag!

Little Cupcake Bakeshop to open in Bay Ridge tomorrow

Happy Happy Happy's Cupcake of the Month

one of the more bizarre things to cross our path

elaborately decorated

cheap and tiny

240 wedding cupcakes

cupcake aftermath

cupcake before

why, I've never had a banana cupcake

the brightest sprinkles ever?

How long do cupcakes keep?

Behind the Scenes at Billy's Bakery

lavender cupcake closeup

Harry Potter cupcakes

cupcake + doll

Happy 50th Birthday Disneyland!

picnic cupcake

very sexy red velvet

Lavender Cream Filled Cupcake cut in half

Lavender Cream Filled Cupcake with Citrus Cream Cheese Frosting

cupcake T-shirt

Baked with the Magnolia Bakery recipe

character cupcakes

adorable wedding cupcake

pretty cupcakes

Cupcake Coin Purse

pink cupcake purse

green cupcake purse

first of three cupcake purses

Birthday Cupcake!

white frosting with tiny purple sprinkles

a piggie cupcake!

Today's sugar Sweet sunshine specials

Amy's Bread cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake ice cream!